News – 11/19/19

Unifying ceremony with the “Lifetime Award” for his extraordinary contributions of bringing nations together thru music and culture. Ephraim just returned from Jamaica where he is making preparation for his 38th annual International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA), which is set for March 29, 2020 in Kingston

News – 11/12/19

45 years ago, I became a photojournalist at the oldest daily newspaper in the western hemisphere, the Daily Gleaner and its sister publication, the Daily Star newspaper. The year was 1974 and Editor, Dr. Gloudon saw something in me, to  assigned me to most of my columns and designated me to cover some of the best assignments which included world leaders, from Fidel Castro to Queen Elizabeth, entertainment events and other news beats. As a result I enjoyed international notoriety, before establishing my own company, Martin’s International, Inc. and my involvement in the entertainment industry.   I owe Dr. Gloudon, a debt of gratitude for all her support in my early years.

News – 11/10/19

Glad you like it! The Reggae Debate!

The Reggae Debate! Winford Williams, Ephraim Martin and Copeland Forbes in Reggae History debate, from IRAWMA to Grammy to Reggae in Brazil, Sumfest and more.  Copeland on the defensive calling Brazil promoter Israel, Headline boss Jerome and Sean Paul’s manager to make his case. The debate ended in a draw. Ephraim is in Jamaica preparing for his 38th IRAWMA on March 29, 2020 in Kingston, Jamaica.

News – 11/05/19

Martin is now back in Jamaica preparing for his 38th IRAWMA that is set for March 29, 2020 at the new AC Marriott Hotel Kingston, and was presented with the attached Daily Gleaner article. Note photo with Jacob Miller, Bob Marley, Junior Mervin, Chris Blackwell and other was taken by Ephraim Martin – Photo-Journalist.