>IRAWMA Best Song Contest

The 2nd IRAWMA Best Song Contest is now officially open to all entertainers to submit their songs to martinsinternational1982@gmail.com, the song/video must be two minutes and submitted in the form of MP4 format and must say something about what IRAWMA has been doing for the reggae/world music industry over the last 41 years. The first and/or second rounds finalists will be selected by the subscribers on YouTube.com/irawma, then the winner will be selected at the 41st IRAWMA ceremony on March 22nd.  All submissions must be clear without profanities.  Listen to a sample  of the 40th IRAWMA winner History Man and the other finalists, here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrTPImjAA0U, (and note the date in the promo is changed to Friday, March 22nd not 24th).