March 19, 2020, Chicago, Illinois/Kingston, Jamaica

With the current Coronavirus sweeping Jamaica and the rest of the world, the popular and coveted red carpet Awards showcase, the 38th IRAWMA (International Reggae and World Music Awards), which was scheduled for March 29th at the AC Marriott in Kingston, Jamaica, has moved up one week early, and is scaled back to a recorded, made for TV and Radio broadcast in observation of the Jamaican Government’s, social distancing strategy of three to six feet.

The 38th IRAWMA’s best of 2019 winners and special awardees, will be revealed via television, social media and radio broadcast starting at 9:00pm (Central/Jamaican time) on: Onstage TV, IRIE FM radio, Seen Network and on YouTube @irawma and @onstagetv. Visit www.irawma.com for more information or email irawma@gmail.com. You may call 877/9-REGGAE or 876/593-4272 to speak with an IRAWMA representative.

Martin’s International, again say, a special thanks to the more than 100,000 reggae and world music fans worldwide who have participated in the voting process to pick this year’s winners, best of 2019. More than140 nominees are anxiously awaiting the result, of how they did for the year 2019, with or without a showcase or public audience.

“Not knowing how long the Coronavirus will be around, with us now three months into the best of 2020, gives us no room to postpone or delay the 2019 achievements of these outstanding reggae and world music entertainers. Unfortunately, this year, the awards cannot be given in a public event; but at a convenient time, the 2019 winners, who could not pick up their Awards, may have them shipped to them,

We look forward to the next year’s 39th IRAWMA on March 28, 2021, when we can return to normalcy and the IRAWMA’s can again be presented on stage,” Mr. Ephraim Martin, Martin’s International President, said.

We again, extend our sincere thanks to our supporting sponsors: Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports, Irie FM, Down Sound Entertainment (DSE), Bigga, VP Records, Missy Quai Signature Hair (www.missyquai.com), OnStage TV, IrieJam 360, Reggae Festival Guide, African Spectrum, Portland Curry Fest, AC Marriott Hotel, JSVFest, www.25thcenturyradio.com, Balloons by Jaki Jade, Alpha Studios, Dainjahrus Rebel Music, Mega Bass Records,Yosefus “One Heart of Love” Production and others.

Following the media revealing of the 2019 IRAWMA’s winners, you can mark your calendar for March 28, 2021, for the 39th IRAWMA. Subscribe for free to IRAWMA YouTube at @irawma, and like and follow us on our social media below

For media contacts and information, e-mail: media@irawma.com, call 877-9-REGGAE (973-4423) or Clordene Lloyd at 876-822-5022.
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